App尊有服務 Exclusive Service for App

以貴公司現有網站設計風格製作App版本版,一共十五頁只需HK$3,888元。 就可享有 iOS及Android兩個平台,

註 :
1. App不包括網站其他程式, App只有照片、影片、 超連結和文字

2. 請先付費後製作

3. 其他內容與SmartApp同樣, 請看SmartApp簡介

Enjoy the platform of both iOS and Android for only HK$3,888 with a total of a 15 pages App based on the current design of your website. It is free for the first year, an annual fee of HK$999 is needed starting the second year.

1. App does not include other applications in the website. It only includes pictures, videos, hyperlinks and words.

2. Production will start only after payments received.

3. Other information is the same as SmartApp, please read SmartApp brief introduction.

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