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SmartApp Service App Production Flow:
1. Choose a suitable design
2. Submit needed materials
3. Payment
4. Proofread by customers
5. Confirmation from customers
6. App added to App Store

App basic functions:
1. Gallery (includes 30 pictures)
2. Video playing (includes 1 clip that is less than 2 minutes)
3. Word page
4. Updated page info (i.e.:News or Events)
5. Hyperlink

Documents upload:
Please use sendspace.com or wetransfer.com to upload documents. Then Copy the Link to the following email address: webmast@modernview.hk (Please leave your contact information)

Customer Basic Instructions:
1. It takes one to two weeks for iOS Apps to be available on App Store, and one to two working days for Android and Amazon. However, if the audit is not passed, changes needs to be made for the re-examination. Therefore, time will be extended.
2. Annual fee will only be counted after the App is added to Android、Amazon and iOS App Store successfully.
3. App cannot be added if it is simply an advertisement or a tool for market research.
4. Must check if it is against the use regulations if it referenced third-party content (copyright, trademark, etc.) The App cannot be added if it is against the trademark law.
5. Contents of pornography, religion, drugs, violence, bloody, and gambling are prohibited.
6. iOS cannot include google information.
7. Apps files cannot exceed 40 MB
8. We only offer limited service to photo editing, painting and video editing.
9. Apps and after productions materials are assets to the company. All files will not be given to customers.
10. If illegal acts are involved, the Company is entitled to take off the App immediately and pursue all legal responsibilities.
11. Customers’ own designed are welcomed, but please follow the format in the samples.
12. Our company is not responsible for the App to be added to App Store or not. If it is not successful, not refund of the production fee or annual fee, please make changes accordingly if needed.
13. Customers must have the copyright of the photos and words provided to us.

Production Specifications:
1. A horizontal or vertical page must be decided before the production begins.
2. Apps includes 5 pages, i.e.: Home, About Us, Service, Gallery, Contact Us
3. Three types of pages: word, photo and video page. Customers can mix and match the page types up to 4 pages if all 4 pages are words.
i. Word page : Words and a maximum of 3 inserted pictures.
ii. Photo page : Includes a maximum of 30 photos (within the whole Apps),Size :1366x768 (cannot exceed this size)
iii. Video page : Video cannot exceed 2 minutes,Size : 640 x 480 or 720x576
4. Apps page size of 16:9 or 4:3, Android and iPhone: 16:9 , Ipad: 4:3
5. Customers need to provide a descriptive article (English or Chinese)

Production Fee:
1. Apps are basically free of charge.
2. HK$200 is needed for an extra pages, but the total cannot exceed 10 pages.
3. HK$999 annual fee is needed for adding the App to App Store. No refund if the App is taken off.
4. Enjoy a free 10-day Facebook ad by becoming a SmartApp customer.
5. Extra charges are needed if customers want extra ads on Facebook. Our company will charge the 10% of the fee as operating cost. The minimum of the operating cost is HK$100.
6. Quotation is needed if customers need extra services such as photography, illustration, animation, recording, etc.
7. HK$200 production fee will be charged if there are any changes or adding pages (charged per page) after Apps successfully added to the App Store.

1. All contents in the Apps, including pictures, videos and words, are all provided by customers. Modernview Design & Multimedia Co. is not responsible for any legal responsibilities.

Copyright and Trademark Notices:
1. Apps design is protected by copyright law. Anyone coping, publishing, distributing, adusing or using it for commercial usage without a written consent from Modernview Design & Multimedia Co. might against the copyright law. Modernview Design & Multimedia Co. will also reserve the right to investigate.

2. All other trademarks, company names, product names, or logos belonging to any products or related to any products appear in Apps all belongs to the customers. Modernview Design & Multimedia Co. declares not owning any of the trademarks. Moreover, Modernview Design & Multimedia Co. is not related to those companies and it did not receive any guarantees from those companies. Modernview Design & Multimedia Co. does not have contact and not related to those companies in any aspects.


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